“There is absolutely no reason for doing this show at all,” he told the Voice. “I know street art can feel increasingly like the marketing wing of an art career, so I wanted to make some art without the price tag attached. There’s no gallery show or book or film. It’s pointless. Which hopefully means something.” —Banksy to the Village Voice

For the past month of October 2013, street artist Banksy hosted a residency on the streets of New York. During this time, he put up one new piece every day, joined Instagram to share them, stressed out the NYPD, and exposed a strong divide between the Banksy fans and haters.

Banksy may be leaving New York now that October has come and gone (or maybe he’s not?), but we don’t want to forget the questions he raised, the social aspects he made us rethink, and the laughs he provided. Relive the month with this Timeline of Every Piece From Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” New York Residency.

Exhibitions: “Better Out Than In” in New York

Loving Banksy! @yksnab

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