Street Art Project , an ongoing collection of art from the streets.

Google launches online street art gallery to bring global graffiti to anyone!


Google’s Cultural Institute has launched Street Art, an online depository of over 5000 graffiti images from around the world as part of its Google Art Project.

The collections of art, from Bogota to Lisbon to Manila, include some that have been painted over or are now inaccessible to the public – such as the 5 Pointz space in New York, which was whitewashed ahead of being demolished.

It’s an extension of the Google Art Project, which allows you to ‘walk into’ museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Van Gogh Museum, and explore the exhibits. The project has now grown to nearly 70,000 artworks.

I invite you to discover online collections and exhibitions about the history, locations and artists of street art. With this revolutionary tool you can visit iconic street art spaces which may disappear, watch the artists share their stories and even get up close to the paintings with high definition imagery and see every detail!


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