Exclusive Street Art Tour around Dublin presented by El Viz

Instagramers Dublin has organized last month a Street Art Photo Walk around the city, guided by the marvelous Street Artist El Viz.

The artist walked us through the history of street art in Dublin and Ireland, and the presence of Irish Street Artists in other cities around the world and some non-Irish artists invading Dublin’s walls.

During the walk we’ve found tremendous works from James Earley, Aches, Adw, Fink, Solus, Le Bas, MaserConor Harrington, Dan Leo, Vibes and Odisy among others.

It’s a pity that we couldn’t see any of El Viz’s own works during the walk, but the Route selected was great. We’ve visited Dublin’s urban art hot spots: Temple Bar, Tivoli Car Park, Liberty lane and The Bernard Shaw. Below, just some of the pics!

You can find the route on this map 

For more Street Art in Ireland, don’t forget to check the post: Street Art in Ireland | A collection of 3 years and to be continued… and to visit section: STREET ART IN DUBLIN.

Check also #streetartaroundtheworldbylulimarin and #streetartphotowalk on Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive Street Art Tour around Dublin presented by El Viz

  1. Hi Luciana! Great pics!
    We are from Amsterdam and very interested in the graffiti of Dublin. We will visit the city next thursday to sunday. Would you happen to know if we could get an ‘urban art tour’ through Dublin? Thanks for your help!

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