You will find in this blog articles related to art, photography and amateur or famous artists that entered into my selection of favorite creative people. Also, you can go around the site and discover my own works.

Argentinean, living in Dublin since 2013. I would describe myself as a creative engineer. I discovered I like painting when I was at primary school. However, it was not until I met Ana Armendariz, that I realized how much I love this. I joined her art workshop in 2005. “A Mano“.

I participated in some art exhibitions, including a Solidary Proyect where artists such as Marta Minujin and Milo Lockett, also participated in. (http://arteporloschicos.wordpress.com/artistas/)

I like painting all types of paints. Sometimes I need realism and sometimes I need abstract. Most of the times I use an incredible hippie mix of bright colors, but all of a sudden I prefer something more sober. It depends 100% on my mood.

My favorite medium is acrylic. I like it because I can paint many layers on a canvas in just a few minutes. But I also work with oil paints, they are king of the ring when blending colors together! But what I really love is mix technique & collages. I enjoy working with geso, mud, plaster, chalk, talc, lead, wool, paper, sand, stones or whatever I find at home that could be useful for something original and creative .

During the last years I discovered a photography facet.  The camera allows me to capture moments, creative insights that may be only seen once.


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