I was always interested in art, design and photography. But a couple of years ago I saw an imposing and perfect mural on the street that left me speechless. A giant and controversial ‘vandalism act’ that embellished the city, teaching us how powerful the freedom of expression and creativity could be. I wanted more, more of that sensation; I started exploring the city searching for murals & graffiti, looking into every single corner until finding a new intervention on the walls, public signs, roads. I discovered a new world, an underground world that became my new obsession and hobby. It became a game. The murals are ephemeral and volatile; they change, they disappear, they evolve to allow new creations to be born. By capturing them with the camera, I make them live forever.

I changed my travelling paradigm, and the focus of my trips moved from monuments and touristic spots, to murals & graffiti. Together with my camera we sightsee the cities chasing local street art, discovering new artists and the history of the city through their talking walls.

You will find in this site the pictures of Street Art I have captured while travelling around the world, especially from the two beautiful cities where I lived: Buenos Aires & Dublin

In the blog section I mainly write articles related to street art, but also about other shapes of artistic expression and cool artists that entered into my selection of favourite creative people.

If you go around the site, you can as well discover some of my own works. Unfortunately, I’m not a street artist, at least not yet. For the moment, I just explore oil, acrylic and watercolour, but one day I might try the walls as a canvas myself.


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