Children Power painted by the Incredible Craig Davison

Yesterday I was having a coffee at a pub, and all of a sudden I began chatting with the two English men that were sitting next to me watching a football match. I don’t remember why we began talking about art, but I love it happened. One of them introduced me to his favorite artist: Craig Davison. Now is my turn to introduce him to you.

Born in Sheffield in 1965, Craig Davidson drew even from a very early age. He began working as a cartoonist, moving to the animations world as a Games Designer and finally became a Freelance Sculptor.

More years passed by and sculpting work became increasingly harder to find and in a quick rush painted a piece for a contest in which the famous fine artist Alexander Millar would select the winner as his apprentice. Surprisingly, Davidson finished in the top three and from the encouragement of his near-victory began painting with a passion. Davidson has been painting as a professional artist for galleries ever since.

Memories are everything. Golden. And if you were a child of the 1970s it’s a safe bet to assume that those memories centered on carefree summer afternoon riding your Raleigh Chopper bike, bouncing around on a spacehopper or climbing trees. All whilst clad in your Batman or Darth Vader costume.

The works of Davidson are set within a child’s mind, the children in the images take on the forms of famous fictional characters and stereotypes. The character’s shadow standing atop the image to depict the child’s mind as the child takes on the character’s posture and attitude below. The paintings capture a distinctive style of painting, helping to reveal an aspect of the imagination that can only be seen through art.

If you want to know more about this great artist visit his webpage: