Let’s #color the world with #Lego! #Dispatchwork by Jan Vormann

#Dispatchwork aims to seal fissures in broken walls worldwide, completing the material compilation in urban constructing and adding color to the urban greyscales, by inserting a very basic construction-material:Plastic Construction Bricks (PCBs). In fact, PCBs are one of the first material with which we conceive architecture. PCBs are solid and stiff and shape up perfectly rectangular yet, concerning the essential structure, they contradict the purpose, given that the repair is just so very temporary, with the patches crumbling out of the walls in a matter of no time, being taken or washed away.


More Street Art Lego in +20 cities around the world: http://www.dispatchwork.info.

More about Jan Vormann: http://www.janvormann.com