Gyory and Osiris – The magic behind the The Old Goat Art Gallery in Hungary

While visiting the enchanting Hungary, we decided to escape from the city and take a day off in a small riverside town in the Pest county. Szentendre is known for its museums, galleries, and artists. Just before the end of a perfect day, we came across with an art shop that drew our attention due to the bright colors behind the window. The Old Goat Art Gallery.

We had the pleasure to meet the owners, the artists Eszter Gyory and Osiris O’Connor, the coolest and most captivating couple I’ve ever met.

Osiris was born in New York City. But his blood is from all over the world, Japan, Jamaica, Miami, Ireland and who knows what other nationality composes his hierarchy. You can see in the way he expresses himself, either talking or artistically, that he enjoys of diversity and different cultures. Osiris is very deep and spiritual; his work is a reflection of his most deeper thoughts. We mainly saw in the gallery his sculptures, magnificent pieces made of mud and different materials such as buttons, beads, pearls, pins, wire and even skulls, real monkey skulls!!!

“I view art as an expression of one’s Inner world.  I chose sculpture as a medium because I like to take a brute object and mold it to it’s finest form of expression” – Osiris

Gyory however, is more focused in painting. She loves exploring different materials but on canvas, such as fibers, acrylics, pigments and textures. I don’t know how to define her style; maybe, “nomad” is a good word because she can’t marry to only one, she changes from one style to another all the time, adapting herself to new materials and technologies. Within the hour we’ve been chatting, we had a journey across her artistic career and her paintings have been mutating throughout the years from flowers, dogs, abstracts, angels, children, self-portraits, and more and more, but all of them, original, super colorful and full of life. She was born in Hungary but lived many years in Miami.

Meeting them was definitely the best of the day. We learned from them, from their stories, from their way of seeing life. We really enjoy of their success and joyful careers. I hope we can be like them someday and inspire to others what they have inspired to us.